Sustainable Innovation Finding Ways to Fix our Planet.


We designed our way into this mess. We should surely be able to design our way out of it.


What We Do   

We work with individuals, companies, non-profits and commercial organizations to design and further innovative solutions that can really make a positive difference to our environment.


As a huge tree grows from a tiny seed so does every sustainable improvement to humanity grow from the kernel of a good idea into a game-changing solution. We help find and fund these ideas.  We promote sustainable change through ChangeContests. We offer Innovator Grants to individuals and entities who can demonstrate that their solution will make a sustainable difference and we invest in early stage companies that will directly further our philanthropic goals. SIF is an incentive based philanthropic foundation. We help educate and inform future innovators in K-12 and college with our SIFMedia collection of over 2000 programs, to raise awareness and knowledge of our world and how it works.



What drives innovation? We believe incentive has a large part to play. A ChangeContest is an incentive based competition designed to find the best solutions to specific problems. Become a Changemaker. Enter a competition and win a cash prize that that will help you make a positive difference to our world and your pocket.


Innovator Grants

Got a good idea that can save the world?   Working on a game changing solution to a problem? Apply for a grant to further your work.


SIF Investment Fund

We offer capital through Impact Investing to enable entities that further our philanthropic goals to bring their environmental solutions to market. Tell us what you need and where you and your company are going.  


The SIF Innovation Award

A Biennial prize for the best of the best from our winning solutions.  



We nurture future innovators with our library of general science and environmental video programs for free viewing in schools, libraries, universities and the general public available as both DVD and streaming media.


Who We Are   

 The Sustainable Innovation Foundation (SIF) is a grant making and social investment non-profit that works in environmental and related fields to help solve pressing problems of humanity. We assist Changemakers by funding sustainable solutions that can scale up through their own efforts or through public/private partnerships so they can achieve our goals.


The Sustainable Innovation Foundation rewards innovative and sustainable designs and projects that solve environmental problems beneficially and sustainably. Think about it, the environment is not just trees and plants, nature, oceans and atmosphere but all the  tools of daily life  - such as architecture,  transportation, consumer products, work environments, health systems, commerce, education, entertainment and technology,  the way weve modified our natural environment to serve us such as land use, waste disposal, power grids, urban planning, agriculture, forestry, ocean use, raw material extraction and the human systems weve developed that underlie our use of the planet - government, legal codes, regulatory protocols and social programs. Its all the product of human input and output- intentional or otherwise. And while much is good, much is broken. We always need new ideas and new solutions. Simply put, if we help support innovative designs and projects  that help create sustainable, beneficial and effective social, cultural, economic and technical changes we can go far in solving the many problems that beset our planet


SIF is based in Los Angeles, California. Please contact us to become one of our donors and project funders.


Our Philosophy

Find and further innovative solutions that have environmentally beneficial goals while simultaneously being financially viable, i.e. sustainable. We believe that solutions must be economically viable as well as environmentally successful. If we can help Changemakers generate more wealth through their solutions then more resources will be poured into solving the problems that beset our planet.  We require our solutions both do good and do well, or they will not be sustainable.                                                                


Our Goals

Our goals range from world-wide issues in transport, health, the built environment, food supply and urban society down to personal and neighborhood  issues that can promote better individual living conditions and standards.  SIF seeks to generate innovation in both material solutions (products that achieve a desirable goal) and programmatic or conceptual solutions (better governance). We primarily work and fund within the United States even though the solutions we help nurture may be global as problems generally have no boundaries. We accept proposals from anywhere and anybody with a game-changing idea or project.  We are a funding foundation only. We do not directly involve ourselves in what we fund.



Our Team encompasses a broad range of expertise in non-profit administration, design, innovation, IT, IP, law, business, finance, education, government, science, medicine, construction, recreation, technology and social issues.


Contact Us

Please contact Michael Bennett, SIFs Program Director: send email or by telephone: 310 710 9199 to discuss how you can be involved in creating new innovative strategies for a better world.


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