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Education and Grants for a Better World

Answers to these most frequently asked questions should help guide your search for more information on the Sustainable Innovation Foundation.

If you have a question that is not addressed here please contact us directly.

What kind of projects does SIF fund?
If a program or mission is directly related to our core objectives of sustainable innovation we fund early stage entities, projects that need specific funding to achieve a specific environmentally related goal and L3C’s.

How do I apply for a Grant?
To apply for funding, please send us a message with brief details of your company and it's objectives using the online application form and we will set up a phone conversation to discuss. You can fill out our simple application with your idea or project that fits our guidelines.

What kinds of Innovation Grants do we fund?
We fund innovation and sustainability. If you have a new idea, an improvement on an old one, an experiment designed to prove a path to a new way of looking at old problems, a new teaching tool or method, a new way of looking or enforcing regulations or laws, these are what we are looking for. The idea or project must be scaleable, economically and environmentally sustainable and feasible from a regulatory point of view. We look to fund early stage ideas that we think can get further funding down the road. If you are already halfway there please consider us for an Impact Investment instead of a direct grant.

What kind of Grants will we not fund?
Please don't apply if your project or idea doesn't fit our basic parameters. The project must be clearly defined, innovative and sustainable. It must lead to real and measurable change in the human or physical environmental space. Even though we distribute media for education we won't generally fund it unless it's designed to clearly further STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics) or is tied into a worthy project or product. We don't fund books, scripts or TED talks. We also do not fund salaries or overhead.

How do I support Education and Innovation?
Give to our general fund or earmark your donation to an area of specific need. You can direct your educational donation directly here.

What is Impact Investing?
Impact investments are investments we make to further our philanthropic goals. There are two types: Mission-related investments (MRI’s) are part of managing our endowment at normal market rates of return and have a positive social or environmental impact while contributing to our long-term financial stability and growth. Program Related Investments (PRI’s) are designed to achieve specific program objectives while they may earn a below-market financial return.

How can I learn about the Educational Media Library?
Our online STEM educational media library has over 1500 hours of Award Winning science and arts digital video. It is available for free to K-12 students and underserved communities and on a subscriptions basis for schools and libraries. To learn more click here.

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