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Innovation Grant Application Form

There are several sections to the application which you can move through using the navigation bar above. The application autosaves your information as you go along and you can manually save it too. You can also email it to yourself to work on it offline. You can complete it in any order and/or log out and in at any time to go back to where you left off.

Please note the following as you complete the application.

1) Grant applications must be written in English even though we welcome applications from anywhere in the world.

2) Please make sure you've read our guidelines in the FAQ section of our website to be sure that the Grant Application you are making will be dealing with a problem that you think will be something we are looking to solve.

3) Our Grants range from $2,500 to $15,000 (USD). Please ask for what you need now, not more, not less.

4) We ask you complete all sections in full with as much detail as you can and in clearly written English. If we can't understand it, we can't evaluate it!

5) Our decisions are final and we will contact you if we are interested in a further discussion. You are welcome to apply for another grant at any time but with a different idea or project. Click here for complete terms and conditions of Grant submissions and awards.

6) Do not send any attachments or files with the application. We will contact you for further details if we are interested.

7) You agree that by submitting your Grant Request you grant Sustainable Innovation a royalty free, non-exclusive license in respect of all such intellectual property rights, if any, for the purposes of commercial or non-commercial exploitation of the idea or concept outlined in the Grant Request. Notwithstanding granting us a perpetual, non-exclusive license, you retain ownership of any intellectual property embodied or outlined in your Grant Request.

Zip/Postal Code
Applicant info
Organization, Team, or Individual Name
Website (if applicable)
Tell us how you intend to create sustainable change. What's your idea or project and what makes it so great? (brief summary)
Word count 0 out of 250
Elevator Pitch (a very short pitch description of your project)
Word count 0 out of 100
Project Title
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What problem(s) does your solution solve?
Word count 0 out of 300
What is your proposed solution?
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How is your solution sustainable and innovative?
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Who will benefit from this solution? (what specific population of individuals) Where?
Word count 0 out of 150
Let's talk about the grant. How will the money be used? What's your timeline to your proposal How will you measure action if you are awarded a grant? What do you plan to do with this grant?
Word count 0 out of 300
You have twelve months to carry out the proposed project. What are your solution milestones? Indicate percentages i.e 25% done month 2, 50% month 6, 100% month 9
Word count 0 out of 300
What grant amount are you requesting? (please remember our upper limit is $15,000)?
What is the total budget for your solution?
Word count 0 out of 200
Use of funds. What will you spend the grant on specifically?
Word count 0 out of 100
If your solution requires more than our grant provides where will you get the funds from?
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What are your metrics? How will you measure goal achievement by the end of the grant period?
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