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Santa Monica College Foundation

Sustainable Innovation Foundation STEM Scholarship

Helping innovators of tomorrow realize their potential, advance personal and intellectual exploration and student’s futures.

Santa Monica College Students

"… my educational pursuits would not have been possible without your generous donation to the Sustainable Innovation Foundation STEM scholarship, you have reduced my financial burden which allows me to focus on my school work. I hope that one day I will be able to help struggling students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the same way you have assisted me."

- Le Thuy Hang Nguyen

The TESLA Science Foundation

Invention + Innovation = Prosperity

Tesla Foundation Group K-12 STEAM Educational & Entrepreneurship Programs

Creating Meaningful and sustainable change in STEAM education and entrepreneurship for Middle and High School Students

Middle School Students

"We are grateful for this collaboration and look forward to creating sustainable change in STEAM education and entrepreneurship together."

- Keith R Kaplan, CEO/Co-Founder

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