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You are the key to the future and you can create it. We see our environment under attack, our cities falling apart and our health and well-being threatened daily. We struggle constantly to educate the next generation to be innovative and think creatively. We need to encourage risk taking, creativity, communication, critical thinking, cooperation, citizenship (local and global) and sustaninable innovation. With an innovator grant you can get the support to work on that next game changing idea that will save the world (or your neighborhood). Anyone can apply and there are no prerequisites as long as the requested grant fits our guidelines.

What kinds of Innovation Grants do we fund?

Just like our name, we fund innovation and sustainability. If you have a new idea, an improvement on an old one, an experiment designed to prove a path to a new way of looking at old problems, a new teaching tool or method, a new way of looking or enforcing regulations or laws, these are what we are looking for. The idea or project must be scaleable, economically and environmentally sustainable and feasible from a regulatory point of view. We look to fund early stage ideas that we think can get further funding down the road. If you are already halfway there please consider us for an Impact Investment instead of a direct grant.

Grant Terms
We make grants up to $15000. Generally funding is tied into specific milestones which your submission will have outlined. We will require progress reports. We also will require (in most cases) that you will grant us non-exclusive intellectual property rights to your funded project so we can assist you in development or if you decide not to continue. Each grant may have specific conditions tied to it.
How do I apply for a Grant?
It's easy, you just need a good idea or project that fits our guidelines and fill out our simple application.
What kind of Grants will we not fund?
Please don't apply if your project or idea doesn't fit our basic parameters. The project must be clearly defined, innovative and sustainable. It must lead to real and measurable change in the human or physical environmental space. Even though we distribute media for education we won't generally fund it unless it's designed to clearly further STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics) or is tied into a worthy project or product. We don't fund books, scripts or TED talks. We also do not fund salaries or overhead.


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