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Our educational non-profit foundation grew out of a 30 year career educating school children in math, science, social studies and the arts worldwide through the medium of video. We've also worked over the years with social entrepreneurs and innovators in bringing their good ideas to improve society to fruition.

In 2014 with the expanding availability of digital video we decided to tie these themes together and create an educational foundation with two missions – we provide educational media online to students, underserved communities, schools and libraries to stimulate growing minds and we offer cash grants and assistance to innovators to help them solve environmental, social and technical problems.



We produce and distribute educational media about S.T.E.A.M topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), social studies and career guidance.

We want to create the next generation of well rounded innovators with a greater awareness of the worlds of science and the arts. We also produce and distribute educational media for individuals, nonprofits and companies.

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We make direct and indirect grants to individuals and start-ups to help them develop sustainable and innovative solutions for environmental, social and technical problems. We also put out “calls to action” where we are looking to solve a specific problem. Anyone can apply for a grant. We accept proposals from anywhere and anybody with a game-changing idea or project.

By creating wider access to education through visual media we stimulate young minds to be future problem solvers and by providing cash grants to innovators we help motivate them to find sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing problems as a society. Learn about some of our initiatives here.

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Educate, Inspire Innovation and Sustainably Improve the World

Start with a science and arts education and we'll spark bright minds to help create innovative solutions to human and environmental problems. The innovative ideas and projects we fund for our grant recipients must be economically sustainable as well as socially and environmentally beneficial. We require our projects do both good and well or they will not be sustainable.


Our core team encompasses a broad range of expertise in nonprofit administation, design, innovation, IT, IP, law, business, finance, education and video arts. As we always aim to practice what we preach, we manage the foundation sustainably to maximize the effect of your donations.

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