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Landscape Photo of Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett
CEO and Founder, Education

Michael, a former marine engineer has been an innovator in the educational space for the last 35 years providing science and arts based media education to schools and students worldwide. After seeing a growing need for solutions based education he founded SIF and raised funding with the attitude “We designed our way into this mess, we can surely design our way out of it”. He leads a passionate team with vision and determination to use our funding wisely and effectively.

Landscape Photo of Greg Wallace CPA

Greg Wallace CPA


For over 45 years Greg has been a financial educator, public accountant, tax practitioner and innovator who manages how we spend our money to ensure our grantees reach their stated goals. His high level expertise is directed to overseeing and mentoring our impact initiatives especially with reference to creating and sustaining our small business and B Corp programs.

Landscape Photo of Steve Weinberg JD

Steve Weinberg JD

Intellectual Property and Legal

Steve is responsible for ensuring our grantees protect their intellectual property as they work with us to create sustainable products and programs including entertainment, media, digital and software technology. Steve is an experienced and successful IP practitioner, an executive coach and branding and licensing consultant.

Landscape Photo of Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett

Design, Innovation and Grant Making

Cole Bennett is the Founder and President of Weis Manufacturing, a leader in personal transportation equipment. Weis is a method of translating passions for engineering, art, design and craftsmanship into practical solutions. He brings that approach to evaluating and mentoring the sustainability of our grants and their impact to further our mission.

Landscape Photo of Elaine Dochard

Elaine Dochard

Administration and Executive Director

Elaine supports the planning and execution of the organization’s sustainability programs and leads the TMW Media education division. With over 20 years experience in the educational field, Elaine has managed content distribution with large scale academic institutions, school districts and public libraries. She is responsible for content acquisition with an overall goal of getting kids interested in Science and STEM education.

Landscape Photo of Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart

Video Production and Digital Initiatives

With 30 plus years of production experience, Brian has produced, directed and edited network television and award winning documentaries, including NBC, FOX, CBS and ESPN. His work experience includes multi-digital media delivery for broadcast networks and internet distribution.

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